Who We Are

  • a cooperative team of experienced professionals, who share their passion for IT
  • the base for our work is mutual cooperation in transparent and clarified work ethic
  • we are innovative, ambitious in learning new solutions and focused on our partners needs
  • living in Podlasie, next to the descendants of Mongolic Tatars and other eastern cultures
    makes us sensitive to the mosaic of mentality & respectful of different requirements and demands

Our Values & Passion

  • we listen to customer needs & we advocate the best solution possible
  • we rise a bar & elevate our skills; take on new challenges & propose bold solutions
  • we focus on our work without unnecessary complications but we elevate our skills & explore new fields
  • thanks to the lean management and agile ideas our work is organized & effective

Quality & Reliability

  • we focus on providing best software which answers client’s needs with the highest quality
  • our know-how, experience and judgement serve our partners with the best solution
  • each project is treated with the same amount of focus and attention
  • we never shy from any issues we face them with energy and ideas on how to conquer them

How Do We Carry Out Projects

  • during a project – we always stay in touch with the client, refer to the written specification etc.
  • we always offer our advice and support
  • by applying agile methodology & kanban managing technique, we quickly deliver a solution
  • our top priority is to deliver expected value to our partner, we are all about reaching greatness

What Are You Gaining

  • the assistance of experienced developers with wide IT knowledge in a form of our team
  • driving higher productivity levels, simplifying and automating your business processes
  • capturing more revenue, significant business value
  • staff time savings to reinvest them to other strategic business activities