It’s our priority is to understand your business needs, analyze your ideas,
study possible future costs and together come up with the most accurate solution.
These are few examples of what we created for our clients:

Security management systems for banks

Software that enables centralized administration and monitoring systems for the protection of local bank branches spread throughout the country.

Work organization app for the accounting office

It helps with creating new & effective job assignments between employees. It makes sure that tasks are made in a timely matter & no customer is neglected.

On-line reporting service from accounting systems

Online service designed for customers accounting offices. They offer an insight into the accounting data in the form of reports from a web browser.

Fleet management platform

The platform supports business with their fleet management. Helps to keep up with the checkups, repairs, maintenance, control of the technical condition etc.

Automotive sales management platform

B2B platform that simplifies the relationship between suppliers and buyers of spare parts for vehicles.

Mobile management app for companies

All types of applications that improve communication, work inside the company and between the companies.

App for monitoring of product sterilization

Application for the manufacturer of orthopedic implants, for better control over the product sterilization.

Multiple API integration projects

API Integrations between two or more systems like CRM, ERP and others, to improve business operations.


After inauguration of our mutual project, there are few guidelines we stick to:

we always refer to the written specification to avoid any unnecessary issues
via e-mails or during meetings we define expectations of the final product
expect status messages every 2 weeks to make sure how a project is moving along
by applying the agile methodology, we quickly deliver a solution
with TDD programming technique, risks of any errors are reduced to a minimum
we care about doing precise tests & implementing any necessary modifications
after completed projects, you receive prepared documentation on the delivered solution
you can always count on our support after the project is completed


When sometimes things just don’t go the way we all want them to go – we get down to business!

we focus on locating a source of the problem as soon as possible
any error is repaired and we make sure it never happens again
we emphasis open communication with the user about what we delivered